“All About the Artist”

Blog Post #1: “All About the Artist”

Taking beginning photography sophomore year I feel like I have grown in photography and starting off with the film camera I’ve learned the basics but also learned about creativity and how to capture the subject of the photo, whatever it may be.
Now I hope to grow more with other mediums in photography especially the digital camera. I hope to learn how to photoshop and also go more in depth with blogging photos.
Photographers/Photos I admire 

Max Rive

  • I admire the point of view and the  perspective of the photo
  • I also admire the time of day this was taken and the colors shown
“Curtains in the Frog”
Miles Morgan
  • I admire the color in the photos and all of them blend together also I admire the lighting in the photo which makes the photo seem more dream-like
“Bagan Balloons”

Martin Sojka
  • I admire how the color of this photo is dull and the hot air balloons are in the background faintly and the building is the same color as the balloons
“The Church of the Good Shepherd”

Atomic Zen
  • I admire this photo because of the sky and the different colors that are throughout this photo also I like how the center of the photo is the house and the roads leads to it
“Winter Silence”
Vittorio Poli
  • I admire how the photographer focused on the city and everything is hidden with the clouds like its floating
Before and After Pictures I admire:
  • All by Peter Stewart 
  • I admire how the photographer added the sunset and made the picture brighter
  • I like how the colors are more vibrant and the sky is dark
  • I admire the slow shutter speed showing the cars and the movement of the city and how the photographer edited the sunset in the background
  • I admire how the photographer added the sky into the background of the picture and kept the brightness of the buildings
  • I like how the photographer edited the photo to make the buildings brighter and the sunset
My Photos: 
I like the shadows in the back of the photo and how the sky is dark
I admire the color in the photo and how lighting makes the colors stand out
I like the perspective of the photo and how the sun is shining on the arch

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