My Dream Interpretation Photograph

Blog Post #2: “My Dream interpretation Photograph”

IMG_3406.JPGIMG_3406_edited.jpg“My Backyard Jungle” 

I named this photograph “My Backyard Jungle” because my sister once had a dream when she was younger of waking up and looking out the window to see that our backyard was a jungle. To make the photo resemble her dream I added a lion and birds flying in the sky. I also did three basics edits which was editing the exposure, sharpening, and adding light and shadows to the photo. What I would change to the photo is maybe make the lion stand out more and add some more trees to make it look more like a jungle with the vegetation. When I was taking the photos outside I did not know what I was going to focus or add into the picture, but my cat was sitting outside so I decided to focus on her and then decided I should add a lion and some birds flying. In the end, I hope that the viewers can see the concept of the dream through the edited photo.


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