Double Exposure Assignment

Blog Post #3: “Double Exposure Assignment”


“Curious Road”

In the double exposure photo of me taken by Ashley it shows me laughing although it was hard to edit a photo of myself and decide what to layer on top I realized that landscape photography is what I feel most comfortable capturing and put a photo of the Antelope Canyon on top of my face. I tried to make the picture of me look like it was fading into the picture of the canyon and almost blending into the colors of the canyon. I hope someone that looks at this photo realizes everyone has something that they are passionate about and love to do.

In the double exposure picture taken of Ashley I knew I wanted to capture the passion she has for exploring and her curiosity. Ashley is a very funny person so it was hard to capture a picture of her being serious but once I turned the photo black and white and added a road it started to look more dramatic and what I was hoping it would convey. They road that I edited on top of Ashley’s face added a texture to the bottom of the photo, at first I thought it looked grainy and low quality I realized it added a more dramatic effect and makes the viewer look at the photo longer. In the end, I hope that someone who does not know Ashley or even knows her realizes that she loves to explore and has different personalities about her.



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