Locations Assignment

Blog Post #4: “Locations Assignment”


“Serene Sunset”

The two words: Nature and Happy

Artist Statement:

I was inspired to take this photograph when I picked two words which were nature and happy. I also used this quote by Anne Frank to help me describe why I felt happy in nature, “Think of all the beauty still left around you and be happy.”

I was thinking of places near me that I loved and make me happy, I went to take pictures of my home and different locations around my house, but none of the photos I took looked like like nature or looked natural. So I decided to pick a photo of a mountain in Sedona even with this picture I felt it was missing something. I photoshopped the sunset into the background and made the original picture darker and tried to blend the two pictures together. In the end, I decided to name the picture “Serene Sunset” to show the feeling of happiness in nature and how it might make someone feel more serene and calm with nature.


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