My Editing Style

Blog Post #6: “Edited For Fun”

My editing style for my photographs tend to be subtle change in the color but if a picture has some room to change colors and add something that catches the eye I add it. In the top two pictures I wanted the sky to stand out so I made the contrast higher and lowered the brightness down. In the third picture I loved the colors I saw and wanted to enhance them and make the sky more blue to make this scene become more vibrant and fun. In the last two pictures I wanted  my edits to be bold and help to make the eye stay and question the photos. In the second to last picture I wanted this scene to be more serene and help enhance the natural colors of the mountain. In the last picture I wanted to try something different and switched the color balance and decided to make the sky look non-realistic and almost dreamlike. Overall, my edits tend to range from subtle to attention grabbing. I like to enhance the natural colors of the landscapes and depending on the time of day help to enhance the sky and make the picture blend more together.


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